Earn Lifetime 30% Recurring Commission

Become a Partner

You can earn thousands monthly

Join our partner program and generate income by helping to promote S3Cart’s online store creation services. When you become a partner with the fastest growing e-commerce service provider, you’re giving yourself a chance to grow a steady, residual income stream.

Web Developer, Blogger, E-Commerce Consultant or Student

Help us spread the word about how S3Cart – Shopping Cart Software can help businesses grow. Whether you’re a blogger, an online store owner, a marketer, have an active social network (Facebook and Twitter), or just like to let your friends and family know about it, you can be a partner.

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The Indian eCommerce industry is growing at double digit every year. Come join hands together and earn 30% recurring commission on your referral

No software knowledge required.

No software knowledge is required to setup S3Cart. Just fill in your details and launch right away in minutes.

No Capital Investment

It is completely free to sign up, free to promote and free to use S3Cart promotional material.

Become your own boss

Give Yourself a CHANCE! Refer clients to us and leave rest to us. Realise your own ambitions in your own particular way.

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24×7 Expert Support

No matter how you like to work, we’ll make it work. Our support professionals are available via phone, live chat, Twitter and email.

Want to know how to write effective product descriptions or improve your SEO? We’ve lovingly crafted tons of in-depth articles that will quickly help you become an e-commerce boss.

Become a Partner

What is this Partner Program?

The Partner Program is our official Affiliate Program. Anyone interested can sign up for the program and earn some serious by referring people to S3Cart, on a 30% revenue sharing basis for a lifetime.

Are there any fees associated with opening a Partner Account?

No, not at all; It is totally free to sign up, free to promote and free to use S3Cart promotional material.

How can I promote S3Cart?

As a S3Cart Partner, you can promote S3Cart services using the marketing materials available in your admin panel. These materials consist of email templates that you can use to send directly to the people you know, advertisement banners in all popular sizes, and text ads.

Why should I refer my client to you?

We are working towards simplifying e-commerce for every small business in India. And we want to see all brands in India using e-commerce beneficially. To make sure this happens, we offer some unique value added services with S3Cart:

  • 24/7 customer support to answer your queries
  • Liberty to setup online stores on their own custom domain
  • We help them customize and design their online stores
  • Free home page and logo design

What is required of me?

There isn’t a lot of effort to be put in from your side. You can go ahead and explore S3Cart at your will to better understand the features, pricing plans and offerings. If you wish, you can also study the business model of S3Cart to get a more in-depth understanding of how we work. All you need is determination and a passion to work towards a common goal and some dedicated time towards the program to give you better return.

Study the entire business model of S3Cart. Understand the features, different plans and offerings of S3Cart. Determination and passion to work towards a common goal and some dedicated time to the project for better returns.

How do you pay me?

Your commissions will be credited to your through anyone of your preferred mode of transaction – NEFT transactions or Cheques or PayPal. Your choice of payment transfer will be asked for you on your Affiliate Program dashboard.

Also, an important point to note is that you DON’T have to maintain a minimum balance with us. Your commission will be paid to you in T+2 days i.e. 2 days after the payment from client side.

How does this affiliate program work?

You can simply sign up as our Partner right away & start referring your network to S3Cart. We will give you special links & promotional banners that will help you as well as us to keep a track of all referrals coming in through you. You can use these banners & links on your blog or anywhere else that you want to share them. Anyone who signs up on S3Cart via you and pays is considered as your referral.

We will also provide you with a real time dashboard wherein you can submit and track the progress of your referrals.
If and when, any of your submitted leads signs up on S3Cart, you will be duly informed and paid for the same.

What are the kinds of businesses I can approach?

You can approach anyone who is in the business of manufacturing, designing, trading or retailing of products.

To give you a few example businesses, to help you get a better idea:

  • Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Handicraft
  • Chocolates, Baby Care products, Book Stores
  • Gifts and Florists, Mobiles, Computer Accessories
  • Consumer Goods, Electronics, Fitness Equipment, Sports Equipment

What are the different types of plans that I can sell and how much do I earn in each of them?

There are 3 different plans available with us, that you can sell to your clients. You can check them out here.
As for your share of revenue, you earn 30% of the entire revenue that we collect from your referral.

Who will raise the invoice for client?

You don’t have to get involved in the hassle of charging, collecting or depositing service tax. The collection of payment will be taken care by us, and we will raise the invoice for your client.

If a client signs up for a trial account and upgrades, will the partner be paid for the upgraded plan?

Yes, the partner would be paid only when a client pays and the sale/lead is closed. Partner doesn’t get any commission on trial accounts.

Is there a restriction on the area/city that I can work in? Do I need an office or employees?

There are no strict restrictions on your work conditions. You can be located anywhere and you don’t need to have an office. With regard to the number of employees, the more the merrier – the more members in your team would help you increase your returns.